We blended both stories into a part 1 and a part 2 and had a lot of fun doing it. We believe Krampus is for everybody, but especially kids. Bookstores place us in the humor section and they tell us our books are too scary … and we say: – that’s the point! We have loyal fans- 7 and up that carry their tattered, dog eared Krampus books with them everywhere.

We created a scary Christmas story because the world needs one! New Christmas based books (especially scary ones) are not being published on a large scale because no one wants to take the risk of publishing anything that is not profitable year round! At our book signings, kids are drawn to our books in droves. The Krampus Army recognizes there is a need that is not being met.

 Our stories are carefully crafted to be as scary as possible without being too scary and meet a need in the Children’s book market! – So move over Grinch… Krampus is coming to town!


Between Halloween and Christmas in North America, a new movement is starting to take hold! Families and Friends are getting together every Dec.5 and donning terrifying masks with furry suits and wrapping themselves in chains and bells and organizing their own Krampus runs (also known as a Krampuslauf) – (I like to call them Krampages! ) In cities all across the country, Krampus is gaining in popularity. If you can see the importance and share in our vision of helping to make Krampus a regular part of Christmas Festivities here in North America, Please show your support! Buy our books and JOIN THE KRAMPUS ARMY!

 There are more stories to come next year! And watch our videos and please SHARE! Everyone should know who Krampus is!