Between Halloween and Christmas in North America, a new movement is starting to take hold! Families and Friends are getting together every December and donning terrifying masks with furry suits and wrapping themselves in chains and bells and organizing their own Krampus runs (also known as a Krampuslauf) – (I like to call them Krampages!) In cities all across the country, Krampus is gaining in popularity! If you can see the importance and share in our vision of helping to make Krampus a regular part of Christmas Festivities here in North America, Please show your support! Buy our books and JOIN THE KRAMPUS ARMY!

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The Krampus Night (December 5) in Northern Europe involves several groups of Krampus running amok and scaring villagers- especially children. These Krampus runs or Krampages were originally used to scare away evil winter spirits but are now used more to scare naughty children into truly appreciating what they have. –and nothing more! The modern Krampus is accompanied by St. Nick, who keeps Krampus in check and makes sure kids don’t get too scared. St. Nick and his Krampus entourage travel from house to house visiting children. When confronted by Krampus, children promise to be good and are given presents and then the Krampus are off to visit the next house on their list.